Finally, cards that say what
you really want to say!

Relationships can be joyous and maddening. Now there is a card line devoted to the ‘Art of Relating’, designed for a variety of relationships and a full spectrum of emotions. No more struggling to find the right card with the right message. Or you can also use these as blank cards and write your own message.

e-Cards are immediate and communicate your thoughts and feelings in real time. They’re great for breaking the ice, flirts, encouragement, apologies, expressing gratitude, forgiveness, celebration, letting go, etc.

And if you love excellent quality printed cards and prints, you have that option too.

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Why Create Your Own “Make it Real” e-Cards?

• You’d like a fun, easy, artistic and affordable way to stay in touch with the people you care about.

• You’ve wanted cards that speak to what you really feel rather than what you are supposed to feel.

• You’d like sayings to help you with just about any situation. Especially those not-so-easy-things to say (broken trust, apology, bad patches, etc.).

• Busy? Create many cards at once and schedule them to be sent throughout the year. No more important dates missed!

• You need an instant “quick fix” for an apology or a timely flirt.

What’s Different About These Cards?

The inside sayings are heartfelt, real and honest communication. They address the good as well as the challenging situations in life with kindness and respect. Within the two main categories of “All is Well” and “Challenging Times in Relationships” there are various topics and many sayings.

The covers are all Jill’s original artwork. Many of them are her Soul Portraits, which are a very unique form of intuitive portraiture. This is not your run-of-the-mill portraiture and warrants a quick look here to learn more.

And whether you join or not, you have the option to purchase excellent quality printed cards and prints in various sizes and materials. See the link above on the navigation bar.

How Does it Work?

An Easy 3-Step Process guides you through choosing your saying based on what you are wanting to communicate and then choosing a cover that fits with that saying. Then you personalize, schedule and send your card. It's that easy!

An annual membership fee of $15.00 gives you access to the entire line of “Make it Real” e-Cards and allows you to send unlimited e-Cards all year. Here’s How It Works. And if you’d like, skip ahead and go directly to Join.

To see a Sample Card.