About Soul Portraits

Queen of Hearts

When my client came to see her painting she said “I really hoped I would be bald in the painting. I have shaved my head twice and loved it….” read more or to see more Soul Portraits.



Tulip was rescued from an abusive situation but ended up rescuing the marriage of the couple that adopted her. (See more Pet Portraits.)


Personal Inquiry Card Deck


JuJu Peeps

About Soul Portraits

Soul Portraits are a unique form of intuitive portraiture. One significant distinction in my work is that I do not interview my clients and prefer to know very little about them. I let the work speak for itself.

After their sitting, I go through a meditative process to receive intuitive images that are often surreal. I trust completely that the unique images revealed are meant specifically for each client. I tell people that I am just ‘delivering the mail’.

So far, all of my 80+ clients have resonated with and often found significant meaning from their portrait. I’ve witnessed tears, laughter and hours of remarkable in- depth interpretation and I am deeply moved by their personal stories.

I have found that the common thread to these portraits is that they help people remember who they are and encourages them to step into it. I also do the same process with pets and have found their stories to be amazing as well.

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Why get a soul portrait?

This is not your run-of-the-mill portrait. It is truly a unique and highly personal experience. As a window into your interior essence, it is fascinating to see what image will present itself to you, and for you. And its a wonderful validation of something bigger than ourselves. All you need to do is be curious and open to learning something more about yourself. And your Soul Portrait will be an invaluable heirloom that can be enjoyed by your family for generations to come.

A Sample Client Experience

My first client is still one of my favorite stories about a woman who came to sit for me right after her wedding in Italy. While I painted, I kept seeing a handkerchief on her head with lace around the edge and it felt as if she was in a church. When my client came to see the painting, she was stunned. She told me that during her wedding she held in her hand her “Nonie’s” handkerchief. (Her grandmother used to buy plain handkerchiefs and do her own lacework around the edges like the one in the painting.) She went on at length telling me about her Italian heritage.



Personal Inquiry Card Deck

The imagery in the Soul Portraits invokes a strong response in many who see them. People are often brought to tears. This repeated response helped me to realize that there is something here for people to share and experience on a deeper level.

Many people have commented that my paintings looked like tarot cards, which gave me the idea to create a card deck – an oracle deck of sorts. My “Personal Inquiry Card Deck” has the Soul Portrait on the front and a thought-provoking inquiry on the back. Learn more about the Card Deck.

Stitched, stuffed and infused with good juju to
get you through the good times and bad.
Each has a message just for you!

These perfectly imperfect dolls have amazing healing qualities. People are drawn to a particular Juju and the message is invariably exactly what they need to hear. I am collecting wonderful stories of how they are opening hearts and comforting people. Learn more about the JuJu Peeps.

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